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Welcome! If you have found your way here, you may be feeling a little "stuck." The stress of everyday life can be difficult. Past trauma may be negatively impacting you and your relationships. In our efforts to please others we can sometimes lose touch with ourselves, or don't feel entitled to having our own needs met. You might be struggling with family-of-origin issues, need assistance realizing your self-worth, or want to change unhealthy and frustrating patterns of communication. Boundary issues and caring for others can leave you feeling depleted.

Therapy with an objective, empathetic, respectful professional can be beneficial to help you work through the issues that are obstacles to your personal growth and contentment.​ Please read about me on the next tab to decide whether you think we might be a good fit. 

Let's work together to identify and build upon your strengths, create goals, and strive to achieve them in a supportive, judgement-free atmosphere.


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