Using an integrative approach, I will work collaboratively with you to
identify and build upon your strengths, and help you make connections
to increase your insight and promote change.
Together we will create goals, and strive to achieve them
in a supportive, judgement-free atmosphere.
I work with children, teens, adults, couples, and families with
a special emphasis on young adults and women's issues.
I am committed to providing culturally-sensitive services to
a diverse group of clients.


Women in our society are often underestimated, undervalued, and objectified. From an early age, girls are socialized to pursue attractiveness and measure one's self-worth as defined by others. It can take a lifetime to reclaim the self, and create a life that is satisfying according to one's own definition of happiness. Issues with body image, family of origin, culture, sexuality, physical/emotional or sexual abuse, gender, power, self-esteem, career, relationships, fertility, pregnancy, childlessness, parenting, adoption, divorce, life transitions, aging and more, are all worthy topics for exploration through the therapeutic process.

Young Adults


The young adult years of 18-30 are typically associated with big changes; whether entering college, beginning a career, or just taking time to figure things out, young adults are continuing that developmental task of increasing independence from caregivers, seeking autonomy, and discovering their talents and purpose. Therapy can be a good place to work through issues of identity, address familial issues, and renegotiate family dynamics, and discover and remove obstacles to success.

Not a young adult or woman but still feel drawn to working with me?
Call 510 - 621 - 7742 for a free 15-minute consultation
to further explore whether we would be a good fit.  

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