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Using an integrative approach, I will work collaboratively with you to identify and build upon your strengths, and help you make connections to increase your insight and promote change. Together we will create goals, and strive to achieve them in a supportive, judgement-free atmosphere.
I provide culturally-sensitive services to a diverse group of children, teens, adults, couples, and familiesOf particular interest is working with women on family-of-origin issues, relationships, parenting, life transitions, and aging. Additionally, I enjoy working with young adults on increasing their independence from caregivers, working through familial issues, identity and purpose, and uncovering and removing obstacles to success.
Doctor Examining Pregnant Woman
Senior Swimmer
Althetic Woman Stretching On A Gym Mat
Couple Showing Affection
Mother with her Child
Women Playing Tennis
Older woman in lotus pose by the sea
Women with a Cause
Meetup Event
Not a young adult or woman but still feel drawn to working with me?
Call 510 - 621 - 7742 for a free 15-minute consultation
to further explore whether we would be a good fit.  

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